Piper Arrow PA28R


The PA28R Arrow is well-equipped with Garmin 430 and HSI/RMI. This is the trainer of choice for most CPL students having a constant speed propeller and retractable undercarriage thus fulfilling the requirements for CPL training and test.

BE76 Duchess G-BYNY

BE76 Duchess


We have three BE76 Duchess aircraft available for Multi-Engine training. With counter rotating propellers (no critical engine) and a T-tail incorporated to reduce control forces and improve elevator response, the Duchess is a pleasure to fly and is an extremely stable training platform. Having three in our fleet ensures that with good scheduling, aircraft availability is not a concern for training or testing.

FNPT2 Flight Simulator

Flight Simulators


The FNPT1 simulator is primarily used for CPL procedural training at the beginning of the course. It is a valuable teaching aid as it gives both the instructor and student an opportunity to stop at any point during a training flight to explain or repeat various scenarios. It is a good gauge of how well the student is progressing and provides a cost effective alternative to learning in the air.

The FNPT2 is the larger of the two simulators is used for IR training. Benefitting from a graphical display as well as an on-screen flight profile at the instructor's console, there is no better (or cheaper!) way to master the skills and techniques required for the IR test.