Course Overview

The EASA Modular CPL is a 25 hour course, which we aim to complete over four weeks (weather dependant).

Flight training (20 hours) is conducted in the PA28R (a complex single) and consists of VFR navigation, general handling and instrument flying. A further 5 hours training is completed in the FNPT2 simulator.

Multi Engine CPL Option

As an option you can choose to train and take the CPL Skill Test on a multi-engine aircraft, combining the Multi Engine (MEP) training with your CPL training. This option will require a total of 31 hours training, which includes 5 hours in the FNPT2 simulator, 14 hours in a PA28R and 12 hours in a BE76 Duchess aircraft.

CPL Course Pre-requisites

The following requirements are assumed to have been met at commencement of training:

  • PPL with 175 hours Flight Time
  • 100 hours P1/PIC
  • 300nm solo Cross-country (with 2 stops other than point of departure) completed
  • Relevant ATPL Examinations passed
  • Hold a Night Rating
  • Hold a valid Class 1 Medical

CPL Course Package Prices

Please note: package prices do not include hire of aircraft for test at solo rates and CAA test fee presently £775
Package prices are plus approaches, landings and VAT.

Additional Training (if required)

BE76 DUCHESS£450 per hour
PA28R£290 per hour
SIMULATOR£175 per hour
Prices are plus approaches, landings and VAT.