Course Description

There is no set requirement for the number of training hours for the CPL or the IR but our recommended training profile is as follows:

  • 5 hours in the simulator (FNPT2).
  • 10 hours flying in the BE76 (to include the MEP test with an AFT examiner).
  • IR Skill Test with a CAA staff examiner.

Similarly there is no hours requirement for CPL training, so we recommend that following completion of the IR you fly a further 4-5 hours in the BE76 to prepare you for the CAA Skill Test with a CAA approved examiner.

In most cases we aim to complete all of this in 3 weeks.

Course Pre-requisites

The following requirements are assumed to have been met at commencement of training:

  • 70 hrs PIC/P1 to be elegible for the new accreditation scheme.
  • Unrestricted Green (Held at some stage) - Training as required for both CPL & IR
  • Restricted Green - CPL Training as required / IR - 45 hours course
  • Passed 14 ATPL Exams
  • Class 1 Medical (IR Test can be taken on Military Medical)

Course Prices

Unrestricted Green

Training as Required
£2,500 (Approximately)
Approx 10 hours
£4,800 (Approximately)