Course Overview

The Flight Instructor Course (FIC) prepares a pilot to be able to provide instruction to students to the level required for the issue of PPL(A) Licence, including theoretical knowledge instruction. During the course you will learn how to successfully demonstrate and teach all of the LAPL and PPL flight exercises in order to prepare you to give flight instruction. You will also be taught and offered guidance on how to evaluate your student’s performance and how to safely correct student errors.

The course comprises 30 hours flight training, of which 5 hours are given either in the FNPT1 or FNPT2 simulator. The remaining 25 hours will be completed in a PA28R Arrow although a different aircraft which is suitable for spinning will be used for the spinning session elements of the course. The course also provides 125 hours of ground instruction.

Due to the intense structure of the course it is strongly recommended that students thoroughly review their CPL Theoretical Knowledge prior to starting the course. In addition, there is a pre-course assessment flight which must be completed prior to training.

Ideally 2 students will train together to get the maximum learning effect out of the course, but we often can provide a course for individual students.

FI courses are offered throughout the year, generally taking 5-6 weeks of full time study to complete (weather depending), but it is also possible to arrange courses on a part-time basis. We also offer upgrade courses for those instructors looking to have applied instruments, multi engine or night instruction privileges added to their instructor rating.

For further details on requirements please refer to the CAA website or give us a call.

Course Pre-requisites

The following requirements are assumed to have been met at commencement of training:

  • Hold a vaid PPL(A) with 200 hours flight time including 150 hours PIC
  • Hold a valid SEP Class Rating
  • Demonstrate CPL Theoretical Knowledge
  • Have completed at least 30 hours SEP, 5 hours of which have been conducted in the six months prior to pre-entry assessment flight
  • Successful completion of pre-entry assessment flight within the six months preceeding the course start date

FIC Package Prices

FIC (Single Student)
FIC (Two Students)
£5,850 each
Please note: package prices do not include hire of aircraft for test at solo rates. Examiner fees will vary, however expect around £230-250
Package prices are plus approaches, landings and VAT.