Course Overview

If you hold a valid licence issued by a recognised ICAO Member State and are looking to convert to an EASA equivalent then we are able to help. Conversions are handled on a case by case basis, depending on the licence and ratings held, previous experience and pilot hours. For full course requirements please call us on 01392 364216 and speak to one of our staff or contact us using our Contact Form.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Conversion

The minimum training required for CPL Skill Test is based on total hours already flown up to a maximum of 15 hours.

The conversion training can be completed in either the PA28R or the BE76 Duchess aircraft. The course will take approximately 3 weeks (weather dependant) and will cover navigation, general handling and emergency procedures.

Multi Engine Instrument Rating (IR) Conversion

The normal minimum training required before the IR test is 15 hours, but this can be reduced on application to the CAA based on previous experience and training progress if recommended by the flight school.

The 15 hour course will include 8 hours in a FNPT2 simulator and 7 hours in a BE76 Duchess aircraft. The course will take 3 weeks (weather depending) and will cover use of GPS, VOR/ILS and ADF for tracking, holding and approaches.

Course Pre-requisites

The following requirements are assumed to have been met at commencement of training:

Course Prices

Please note: package prices do not include hire of aircraft for test at solo rates and CAA test fee presently £775
Package prices are plus approaches, landings and VAT.

Training as required rates

BE76 DUCHESS£450 per hour
PA28R£290 per hour
SIMULATOR£175 per hour
Prices are plus approaches, landings and VAT.